The Magical Love of Joe Sandy

Phenomenal and hypnotizing, that's what Joe Sandy's stage performances are like, the magician from Bandung. Able to read minds, make accurate guesses and produce extraordinary calculations, Joe certainly has a made a name for himself as a magician. We are left wondering about his love life..

The selection of Joe Sandy, a participant from Bandung as the "Master of Numbers" in the "The Master" special held by private TV station RCTI some time ago has made people sit up and take notice of him, including him with the likes of noted magicians Deddy Corbuzier and Romy Rafael.

Being awarded in this way has made him an instant hit with job orders flooding in. It is amazing to think, as Joe commented when MEasia met him just before the "The Master 3" program at RCTI's Studio 4, how far he has come in terms of popularity and income, compared to his stage income when performing as a magician in 2000, which was only 50 thousand rupiahs, and his salary as an employee at a private bank.

Deddy Corbuzier calls himself a master mentalist, Romy Rafael master hypnotist, and you want yourself to be called..?
When I first came to RCTI to audition, I didn't have a particular character to show in "the master" program, I performed several games, and one of them was using boxes that could be formed into numbers. From this game everyone, from the producers to the creative people in "the master" show said that I was good at becoming someone called the master of numbers. The reason being that I used a lot of number counting and calculation. Actually I thought of myself as being a mentalist.

Do you think being called the master of numbers fits you?
To tell a bit about my family background, my mother was a seamstress and there were always bits of paper lying around the house with her measurements of people's waists, hips, hands, bodies, shoulder widths and other parts of the body. Since I was a little kid, my life has revolved around numbers. We are constantly surrounded by numbers and figures, in our height, weight and our ages, and whatever we make depends on numbers and figures, as everything should be in the right proportion. Even IQs are numbers. So numbers and figures are parameters that are a part of daily life.

You are now a famous person after being chosen as the master. What does this mean to you?
This is just part of a long struggle. I used to help my mother in her work as a seamstress. And my current success is due to a prayer that was uttered in another dimension, especially when you consider that my success coming at the relatively late age of 36 in comparison to someone else starting their career from an early age. For me popularity is something we should be thankful for, as so many want to know me. This is something entirely unexpected. Four months ago I was a nobody.

Text: andriza hamzah/Photos: m.i. mappasenge

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